Employer of Choice® Diagnostic Review

The Diagnostic Review is a targeted assessment designed to help you:

  1. Understand and focus on your critical people issues
  2. Develop Employer of Choice subject matter experts and advocates
  3. Determine projected scoring for future recognition
  4. Discuss improvement plan to build and sustain an Employer of Choice® culture.

This is a one or two day on-site facilitated engagement that includes a series of knowledge exchanges, team building exercises and fun learning activities. Reviews are conducted by a CCEOC facilitator.

The Diagnostic Review is made up of 5 components:

  1. Reality Check Survey (pre-session work)
  2. Introduction & Presentation
  3. Diagnostic Definitions
  4. Visioning Session
  5. Review, Wrap-up and Evaluation

Component Overview

Component Description Time Resource
Introduction & Presentation

All attendees will participate in an introduction exercise to become better acquainted.

Presentation highlighting what it takes to become an Employer of Choice. Descriptions of how other call centers have achieved the designation and built on their successes.

1 hour CCEOC Committee and Facilitator
CCEOC Definitions

The CCEOC Definition Matrix is used to gain a deeper understanding of the 10 "Areas of Influence" and the 6 Key Objectives:

  1. Attract
  2. Retain
  3. Engage
  4. Perform
  5. Status
  6. Longevity

From this session, the group will become more knowledgeable on the key measurement components

1 hour CCEOC Committee and Facilitator
Visioning Session

Based on a unique scoring grid, the Visioning Session determines which Areas of Influence will have the biggest impact on the lowest scoring Key Objectives. It will also provide a projected certification level. The levels are:

Sub-Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

1.5 days CCEOC Committee and Facilitator
Wrap-up, Review and Evaluation

The Review & Wrap-up is designed to assist in focusing on the high priority, high return activities for improvement. The discussion will include: Areas of Priority Focus, Goals, Strategy, Accountabilities, Timelines & Measurement.

1 hour CCEOC Committee and Facilitator

Benefits to Your Operation

  • deeper understanding of organizational development opportunities
  • increased ability to address cost reduction and performance improvement issues
  • positive impact on employees – improved enthusiasm and team spirit
  • unique learning opportunity for all employees
  • improved ability to foster pride and develop a people focused culture
  • improved ability to attract, retain and engage staff
  • strategic methodology for becoming a Contact Center Employer of Choice®

Comments from Diagnostic Reviews participants:

  • "Excellent, very well presented!"
  • "It was an eye opener to management on what needs improvement."
  • "Great job! Very personable and interactive."
  • "The entire 2 days were valuable."
  • "It has been Excellent!"
  • "It should be longer."
  • "The information was very useful and covered all areas of improvement."
  • "Fantastic job, very engaging and lively"
  • "It was all valuable to me. I want to be an employer of choice."

The Diagnostic Review provides a strategic approach for positioning your operation to become an Employer of Choice®. It's a fantastic analysis methodology designed to help you build a stronger, more employee focused culture. Contact us for more information.