IDEA Central™

Employee Engagement System (powered by Kindling) Connect, Collaborate, Innovate, Engage

Get more connected to your employees and uncover the brilliant ideas that will drive your business forward. IDEA CENTRAL™, CCEOC's employee engagement and idea management software, helps you tap into your company's collective intelligence for better, more creative decision making. It provides a user-friendly, mobile ready platform that allows your employees to submit ideas faster, easier and more effectively than ever before!

The features will blow you away!

  • Duplicate Detection

    Automatic Duplicate Detection makes sure that ideation is concentrated for maximum creativity and efficiency.

  • Configurable Workflow

    Tailor your innovation program with Custom Evaluation Workflows to fit your organization's needs.

  • Multilingual Support

    Allow participants to innovate in their own language, including both user interface and notifications.

  • Custom Styling

    Drive engagement and encourage participants to take ownership of ideas, with a custom UI that includes logos and brand coloration.

  • Mobile/3-Screen

    Enjoy a richly tailored experience for tablet and mobile—no app download required.

  • Reporting

    Data transparency, a powerful set of out-of-the-box reports, and flexible reporting architecture meet your innovation program's needs.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Get your custom curated content, based on in-app behaviors, searches, interests and favorite keywords.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    Free, in-house expert support is always just an email or phone call away.

  • Challenges/Campaigns

    Inspire your organization with Challenges and Campaigns to answer specific innovation needs, even when time is short. Incentive options motivate your team with rewards and recognition.

  • Idea Central Open

    Open plugs you into the power of your community, from customers to vendors to suppliers to retirees.

  • Integrations (Yammer, Sharepoint, Salesforce)

    Your internal teams will have no trouble integrating with Yammer, Sharepoint, Salesforce or your unique innovation content with our standard and well-documented API.

  • Open API

    Our system weaves external, SaaS-powered data into the enterprise web. Our API is RESTful, so web developers can pick it up easily.

Management finally has a systematic way to collect, prioritize and implement the best ideas flowing through the organization. A built in, real-time measurement tool and "anywhere access" allows you to determine where the best ideas are coming from and how to generate more.

No good idea gets left behind!

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