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Teksavvy receives Prestigious Contact Center Employer of Choice® Certification Award!

Toronto, Ontario, June 1, 2016 CCEOC Inc. announced today that the Teksavvy Contact Centre operation has achieved the SIlver level Contact Center Employer of Choice® (CCEOC) designation. Over 350 employees participated in the certification assessment.

Teksavvy Contact Centre joins an elite group of contact centres recognized by this unique designation.

Through the Contact Center Employer of Choice® certification program, Teksavvy will be able to address key areas for improvement that will have sustained impact on culture, engagement and morale. Being recognized as a certified Contact Center Employer of Choice® creates positive brand recognition and greater awareness as a first class organization.

Specific areas of improvement for Teksavvy include:

  • Gain industry-wide recognition as a great place to work
  • Ability to attract, retain and engage top talent
  • Identify opportunities to improve employee satisfaction
  • Build pride and engagement

JD: "Teksavvy is a people focused employer." said Jeff Doran, President, CCEOC Inc. "They understand the importance of creating and maintaining a great work environment and are dedicated to providing outstanding service to both their customers and employees". Doran says, "Being recognized as a Contact Center Employer of Choice® identifies Teksavvy as an industry leader and one of the best contact centres to work in the country."

The results of the assessment and survey have provided management with a new perspective on how to address key challenges that exist in the work environment. Through the programs' in-depth reporting and analysis, management can develop new approaches to improving employee motivation, engagement and customer satisfaction.

The Contact Center Employer of Choice® award is the industry standard for recognizing and branding people centric contact centers. Contact centres of any size, type or geographic location can be assessed to determine their CCEOC standing. Previously certified contact centres include: FedEx, CAA, The Shopping Channel, Scotiabank, Neteller, Rogers Communications, CIBA Vision and Roche Diagnostics ACCU-CHEK, Davis & Henderson to name a few. Through a proprietary assessment, a contact center can quickly determine if they meet the qualification standards. Once the designation is achieved, the contact center is profiled on the official CCEOC corporate web-site , receives a prestigious framed certificate and is promoted through various print and electronic media.

About Teksavvy Solutions Inc

TekSavvy Solutions Inc (TSI), is one of the leading independent providers of telecommunications services in Canada. Founded in 1998, TSI provides residential, business and wholesale Internet and phone services in Canada. Today, TSI's services are used by tens of thousands of Canadians. Based in Chatham, Ontario, TSI operates offices in Chatham and Ottawa. TSI is a privately held company that is in the forefront of protecting Canadian consumers' rights online. For more information, visit We're Different. In a Good Way.

About CCEOC Inc.

CCEOC Inc. has been establishing industry specific Employer of Choice recognition award programs since 2004.

In addition to industry EOC awards, CCEOC administers and delivers the Contact Center Employer of Choice® certification and development program – the standard in building and branding people focused contact centers.

CCEOC also works one on one with corporate clients to assess, develop and advance superior workplace cultures and provide innovative solutions to help build high-morale, high-performance operations.

For more information on an Employer of Choice industry award program or CCEOC workshops, seminars and training services, visit or call (416) 886-7007.


Jeff Doran
President, CCEOC
(416) 886-7007

Tina Furlan
Director of Marketing and Press Relations
TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
(519) 350-8703