CCEOC Employee Surveys

To be a leading "employer of choice", you need to know what's on your employee's minds – all the time!

Employees always want more opportunities to provide feedback. Our survey tools make it easy for you to collect their opinions, analyze the data and act on the results.

Focal Point Pulse Survey

Focal-Point™ is an efficient, affordable, pulse survey system. It provides the ongoing insight you need to understand your employees better and start building a more committed employer of choice culture.

How it Works

  • Choose initial statements from the EOC Standard survey
  • Add an open ended question for employee comments
  • Determine the survey interval – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually
  • Customize survey with your logo.
  • Invite a random sample of employees to complete the survey
  • Adjust survey start/stop times according to your schedule
  • View real-time tracking to monitor completion rates
  • Reporting is automatically generated and available on-line

Leadership Quotient

Inspired, visionary leadership is critical to building and sustaining an Employer of Choice culture. The Leadership Quotient survey provides the "smart data" you need to develop the kind of leaders your employees will want to follow.

  • 10 leadership dimensions
  • Open ended questions
  • Customizable
  • Easy to read data reports
  • Executive summary with recommendations
  • Can be used for all levels of leadership
  • Based on 10 years of developing employer of choice cultures

Reporting & Analysis

Detailed reporting that you don't need a PhD to read. We provide excellent, insightful summaries as well as all the graphical data you need to start making decisions and developing action plans. Our deep analytical capabilities allow us to move beyond standard numerical and graphical reports and perform advanced analysis using accepted tests to help better understand the significance of survey results.

This includes:

  • Analysis of single variables
  • Co-relative analysis of multiple variables
  • Regression analysis
  • Significance testing (chi-square, Pearsons R, and Fisher's Exact) to determine if cross-tabulations indicate a significant relationship between two factors
  • Hypothesis testing

Start working with "smart data" and get your employees more engaged with CCEOC employee surveys.