CCEOC Success Story

FedEx Express Canada

Problem Recognition

  • Labour shortage and increasing competition for highly skilled contact centre employees creating concern for meeting future growth targets.
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction needs to improve to continue providing exceptional customer experiences

Goals & Objectives

  • Position themselves as the preeminent contact centre employer in their regions.
  • Create a unique and meaningful brand for the contact centre for internal and external recognition
  • Increase customer satisfaction levels
  • Improve employee satisfaction and engagement - reduce attrition
  • Attract and retain the best talent – reduce time screening new applicants
  • Gain a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves from the competition


  • Trial CCEOC Certification program in largest center – Mississauga, 300 staff
  • Management meeting – set up project plan
  • Communication to all employees
  • Management session – discuss program elements and gain deeper understanding of operation
  • CCEOC Employee Survey – paper based. Results provided back within 5 working days
  • Result of assessment: Met the minimum certification standard – very pleased
  • Program summary report – summary review
  • Recognized center with ceremony for employees, presented framed certificate, press releases issued, profiled on CCEOC website.
  • 6 month review


  • Rolled program out to all 3 Canadian sites – all sites certified
  • Analysed results in relation to corporate survey results
  • Set up committees to address key recommendations and create a consistent view across the organization
  • Used communication channels in creative ways to keep employees informed
  • Employee satisfaction & engagement increased
  • Stress has decreased by 40%
  • Customer satisfaction increased significantly
  • Turnover decreased from double to single digit percentages
  • CCEOC designation is used in proposals as a competitive advantage for acquiring new business
  • Designation is used for internal recognition on a global scale
  • Canadian operation considered the benchmark for FedEx contact centers globally